Thursday, March 29, 2012

Motor and Controller Have Arrived!

I am happy to announce that the heart and soul of my electric car have both arrived! The Rinehart Motion Systems PM100DX controller arrived on March 16th at 4:25pm, and then the Remy HVH 250-090-P motor with the AM Racing housing arrived today, March 27th at 3:50pm. 

Here you can see the adaptor that bolts on the the BMW flywheel used in the Z3.
 I'm working on tracking down an adapter plate (for mating the motor to the transmission) to speed the motor install up, rather than paying someone to build it custom. Bob Simpson over at EVdrive sells this exact motor and controller combo as a pair, and offers support for it. In his prototype/test mule car, he uses the same transmission bell housing and same motor as I'm using, so the adapter plate he had built will also fit on my car.
Arriving soon are a UUC Lightweight clutch and flywheel kit, a coolant pump, a vacuum pump (for breaks), and a DC/DC converter.

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