Friday, December 16, 2011

Motor, Controller... Oh, and why I've been M.I.A.

The start of a new quarter, and it's time for a long, long, long, loooooong overdue update. During fall quarter of school I completely neglected this project. I overbooked myself in terms of the course load I chose to take, and I ended up drowning in homework with absolutely no time to work on the car.

Well, with that out of the way, it's time to type about a bunch of small things that got done during these crazy past few months. A while back, a couple contactors arrived in the mail. These will be wired to the ignition as my main on/off switch. I ordered two, and the plan is to use them to break up the main power between the battery pack, motor, and controller when the car needs to be off. This will just act as a main safety system.

The motor has been ordered, and is currently being built/ re-housed by a company in Portland, Oregon. It's a REMY HVH-250-090-P AC motor that is being re-housed by AM Racing. The original motor from REMY is available, but you have to buy from them in large quantities, and it's oil cooled, which is not the best in an electric vehicle where water cooling is easier. AM Racing (AMR) takes the motor and builds a custom housing with a built-in oil pump and oil/water heat exchanger, so that the oil cooling system is self-contained, essentially creating a water cooled motor.

After countless (helpful and necessary) emails back and forth with Larry Rinehart, owner of Rinehart Motion Systems, I have finally placed an order for one of his PM100DX systems. I am waiting to hear back from him.

I'll put up more detailed information about each of these parts as I get it, and of course pics will be up as soon as I receive the components.

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