Friday, November 5, 2010

Tearing up the Trunk

With an electric car, because the batteries take up so much room, it is often difficult to carry around a spare tire. BMW's have this cool under the trunk tire storage system, where you unbolt the tire rack from inside the trunk, and then the tire hangs down in a plastic case from a metal cable. Unfortunately, I will most likely be cutting the bottom of the trunk out, and then replacing it with a custom battery box, so the spare tire assembly had to be removed. I unbolted the cable from the rack, and then unbolted the rack from the car. After that was done, the cable no longer got in the way of removing the contents of the trunk. Once the cosmetic carpet was out, I took out the toolkit which included a corkscrew (yes, like the kind you use to open a bottle of wine) along with other stuff like a car jack and wrench for changing the wheels that you would normally find in a car.

Here you can see all the carpet, along with the toolkit that came out.
And here is the interior of the trunk.
One thing I forgot to mention: there was a 6 cd changer in the back that was no longer in use due to an aftermarket radio that the previous owner put in. Three bolts and two wiring harnesses later, here it is sitting on the floor of the garage.

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