Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gas Tank

Back from yesterday, with the fuel tank out!  VOLTFRIEND came over again and helped with various tasks related to its removal. I was surprised that there were only three bolts holding it on. One bolt went through that metal o-ring you see at the middle top of the tank, and the other two bolts held on straps that supported the tank on either side. With the fuel lines disconnected, the tank was lowered straight down, and came out relatively easily.
The fuel lines are still attached to the car, at least the ones that run from the tank in the back towards the "infernal" combustion engine up front, but those can wait to come out until the engine goes with them. 

In other news, I have an engine winch now. My grandpa, who makes wine, bought a winch a few years back to move full barrels around his garage. In the past few years he has begun buying more wine than he makes, so he has decided to loan it to me to pull the engine. It's maximum load is 500 lbs, which will do just fine for me, because the M44 (BMW inline 4 cylinder 1.9 liter) engine weighs about 225 lbs, and the transmission is far under 100lbs. After that's out, it'll be time to start putting new components in, and I know that's the interesting part for most of my readers!

Stay charged!!

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