Monday, August 13, 2012

Decisions, decisions.

Hello again everyone,

With it being summer, I have been enjoying a bit more time than usual to work on the car. Since my last post, the adapter plate has been finished, and several other bits and pieces have been ordered.

I got a new guibo (rubber flex disk that is bolted between driveshaft and transmission) from Bimmerworld because the old one was in need of replacement. I decided to temporarily get rid of power steering, just in the interest of getting the car driving as quickly as possible. For that, I bought a machined block of UHMW from Condor Speed Shop. Here it is installed:

And finally I put in my order for 452 A123 amp20m1hd-a cells. 432 will make it into the final pack (4 parallel cells and 108 in series)  and the order has room for duds and a 12 house battery from lithium cells. The cells should arrive within the next few weeks. Once they do, and I'm able to get a better idea of what the pack layout in the car will be, I'll go ahead and order an Orion BMS unit.

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